Training Plans

Jon-Paul is an experienced coach who has a great understanding of training and biomechanics.  He can design plans specifically for your needs that will help you reach your goals. When planning a training plan to reach a certain goal their are many factors that have to be taken into account i.e. your training history, whether you are injured or have been injured in the past, your current level of fitness, your strengths, your weaknesses, your previous best performances, the time you have available to train, and the total "free" time you have available.  Without taking these factors into account and adjusting your plan accordingly throughout the build-up it is not possible to get the best out of yourself.  A generic training plan that you find in a book or online does not take these things into account, and as we well know everyone is different and therefore, they need to train differently.

I have been successfully coaching cyclists, runners, triathletes, and multisport athletes over the last 14 years. I can design a training programme specifically for your sport, and your goals within the sport.  The programme is designed to help you reach your desired goal through specific build-up training sessions. These are aimed at giving structure, focus, and guidance through every step of your preparation towards your main goal. Jon-Paul believes that It is important that your training is of a very high quality and to some this may mean a  reduction in training volume, but it will result in a better feeling and also better results.  Our training is preparation for our goal, and when our training is poor the outcome from our event or goal can only reflect the training. Less Rubbish= more results.

Platinum Class

99 € per Month (Minimum 3 Months)- This plan will be written after an initial consultation and will be based on your goals. This plan is loaded onto a online platform that you and I will be able to access your training plan and update it. Your training plan will be updated every week, so that it meets your current needs and is adjusted to any injuries, fatigue, or problems that you have. When you have a problem during the week your training will be adjusted and updated within 24 hours. Skype, WhatsApp  and E-Mail contact is also included in the price.