BIke Fitting

This session will ensure that your cycling position is perfect for you, and that you are in the optimum position for your requirements.

Cycling shouldn't be painful and shouldn't cause any localised pain or discomfort. If it does your set up needs adjusting.

Jon-Paul has been successful fitting people for comfortable set-ups on the bike, but also adjusting their position, and bike set up to guarantee a faster bike through equipment change.

Here are some comments from people I have fitted:

"Hit the road on the weekend – two short rides – and all was very good. Have come out of it with no knee pain, and only minor lower back stiffness. Very different from before."

"Rode for 5 hrs 30 mins this morning getting soaked in the process. The amazing news is I had no pain at all for the first 3 hours and then only occasional minor discomfort after that. Such a change from the quite debilitating pain I was experiencing - it used to make me scream when it caught me unawares! So a huge thanks to you all for your efforts."

"The analysis demonstrated that my seat position was too high and my seat angle and pedal cleats setup sub-optimal. The impact of the changes to my position was to greatly reduce hip roll and enable me to transfer power more effectively. Immediately I was generating 2-3kph at the same effort/HR on the windtrainer – within 4 weeks that was 4-5kph as I finally found my rhythm on the bike. So a very worthwhile exercise!!”

"I found it very helpful—identified some weaknesses that were contributing to odd movements and inefficiencies. Good to get some remedial suggestions."

90€ for one bike fit.

125 € for two bikes.