What is JPH Training?

Jon-Paul is an experienced coach who has a great understanding of training and biomechanics. He can design programmes specifically   for your needs that will help you reach your goals.  When planning a training programme to reach a certain goal their are many factors   that have to be taken into account ie your training history, whether you are injured or have been injured in the past, your current level of fitness, your strengths, your weaknesses, your previous best performances, the time you have available to train, and the total "free" time you have available.  Without taking these factors into account and adjusting your plan accordingly throughout the build-up it is not  possible to get the best out of yourself. A generic training plan that you find in a book or online does not take these things into account, and as we well know everyone is different and therefore, they need to train differently.

Your training must be personalised

Jon-Paul has experienced the highs of having a very successful build-up and event, as well as the lows of training specifically for an event and not being about to start, or not being able to deliver a perfect performance, due to injury, sickness, or other factors.  The majority of the training advice given or knowledge used is based on his experiences of what actually works in the real world not what theoretically works.  Anyone can read some books or articles and then be able to write a training plan, but there is an art to get the balance right, so that our performance increases throughout the training period.

Jon-Paul is a firm believer in his client understanding their training.  Being able to achieve your goal or perform on race day is a science and not magic. In a good training programme there is a reason why a training season is planned and if there is no reason why are you doing it? And if you don't know why you are doing it you can't be 100% invested in the session.  Do yourself a favour and get yourself a plan that is designed for you, that you can understand, that helps you reach your goals, and helps you get the most of your training!

Train better, become stronger, and be faster!!