Time for plan b

Race Preparation, March 13, 2020

With a lot of events bring cancelled this week due to Coronavirus and more to follow there is a bit of sadness and frustrating in the sporting world. You can not start where you wanted , so what is the plan?


"When I through improving I am through"  Dennis Lillee

I read this quote from the famous Australian cricketer when I was first getting serious about cycling in 1993 and it has stuck with me since.  It is something that can be adapted regardless of your focus.  

It is simple. There is always a way to be better. Sometimes we define this too finely.  

If we put it into the sporting world we could just be trying to go further, faster, or be stronger.

But what is better?

Better athlete, better partner, better family member, better worker, or better parent?

It is all possible, but it at once? That is pretty tough.

That is why it is so important to us when we do pick a goal to aim at. One that is important to us, and sometimes that goal is going to be a selfish one whether we want to admit it or not, and often that is what our sporting goals are.

However, we realize how important they are to us when we modify our lives around the training and preparation. At times it really dominates us, and we want it.  How much is often only noticeable when we have achieved it, or of course when we can not.

That is why for many people the last couple of days have been well... gutting.

Of course life goes on and it is the right thing to do to cancel events.

It still hurts and I can understand the frustration that my athletes and other athletes are having, because I have also sweated blood, sweat, and tears to be ready to race. Not only in the past, but right now I was preparing myself for the Harzquerung, a 51km race through the Harz region. And I wanted to perform.

Like I said being better across every aspect of life is very hard, and at the moment I was stretched trying to do it all well, but the race was at the end of April and I thought I could hang on until then.

What to do now then?

Well those that are training for a marathon you can run marathon alone or with your running buddy, and feel good about it.

You can also just keep running and feel good about being fitter and stronger. That doesn't go away just because you are not racing.

We always say to trust the process, and the result is not always the most important thing, Sonic you have been training well the process will be working. Be thankful.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep improving through this interesting period.