Experience. Can you beat it?

Education, February 10, 2020

In the modern World we are often looking for the next big thing. In Coaching and Training is it not different and we should be always looking to advance, but there is one thing we can't learn in books. How individuals react to training.


Every year there seems to be new coaching courses or new coaches coming up which is very good, but at the end of the day experience is what often makes the difference when it comes to dealing with things out of mythe box.

No individual will react exactly the same to stress, and we need to be able to adjust load to suit

Do you want to see a doctor who has studied for many years, but has never seen a patient or do you want to see someone that has passed their exams and go into working with patients?

We learn a lot from doing, whether it is from success or mistakes.  Coaching is not much different. We learn from dealing with athletes, listening to them, seeing them succeed, seeing what worked for them, seeing what didn’t, and learning what works for different people.  A book can’t teach you how to pick up the signs.

What a book or course doesn’t teach you is what it feels like to be in a race, suffering, pushing yourself, and the different levels of pain that you should or should not push through.  

It’s a process and it takes time to start to get it right, then you learn some more, you try some new things, you learn some more, and you keep trying to improve.  It just takes time.

As you can see from the summary of things I have been doing for the last two decades I have been doing and learning.  

There are a few things missing on the list, as I don’t know where they start or stop like helping people get fit for their Wedding, lose weight to help with pregnancy, rehabilitation, improved golf, swimming, sprinting, rugby, hockey, and soccer.

1992- First Duathlon 

         First Triathlon

1993- First National Cycling Title

1994- First Individual National Cycling Title

         First Individual Secondary School National Title

         First Cycling Tour Win

         First New Zealand Cycling Team Selection- Australia

         First Under 19 Duathlon win (at 16 years old)

1995- First Secondary Schools Team Cycling Title

         New Zealand Under 19 World Cycling Championships Representative- San Remo

1996- Second Secondary Schools Team Cycling Title

         New Zealand Under 19 Cycling Representative- Australia

1998- First 5 day Cycling Tour- 3rd Place Team Classification

2001- First Duathlon win

         First Duathlon Series win

2002- New Zealand Duathlon World Championships Representative- Atlanta USA

2003- New Zealand Duathlon World Championships Representative- Switzerland

2004- First Half Marathon

2004- Starts Personal Training in Fitness Studio with functional training.

2004- Starts coaching runners, cyclists, and triathletes.

2005-New Zealand Duathlon World Championships Representative- Australia 15th Place

2005- First Marathon

2005- First Year Coaching Massey High Cycling Team

2006- First Group Build-up for Auckland Half and Full Marathon (80 People)

2007- First Coast to Coast multisport athlete.

2007-First New Zealand Under 19 Cycling Championship as a coach

2007-2008 5 Massey High Cycling become New Zealand Representatives

2007- First Ironman Athlete coached under 10 Hours

2008- Multiple Ironman Athletes complete Ironman New Zealand

2008-  First Group Trip to Rotorua Marathon  ( 6 Runners)

2010- First Sub 3 Project Hamburg Marathon    

2012- Formed Laufwerk Running Club before training groups or running crews were in.

2015- First Triathlon Training Group for ambitious amateurs

2015- Coached both Champions in the corporate section of the Hamburg Marathon.

2017- 3 Successful debutantes at Ironman Hamburg 

2017- Coached first German Triathlon Champion

2018- Did sprint training to help a U18 Hockey player get fast enough to reach the German team.

The list goes on and there are a lot of things not listed, but as you can see I been building my system and coaching for a while.

It's not rocket science, but you need to be able to listen, know when to build, when to push, when to back off and when to rest.